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IMPORTANT: If you are having chest pain or a medical concern at this moment, please telephone 911 immediately and do not attempt to communicate by computer. Any appointment should be scheduled through our medical office at (407) 894-4880 or 1-800-377-7858. This site is expressly for information.


Our 10,000 sq. ft office houses every modality of cardiac testing needed in today’s sophisticated cardiac treatments.

Our spacious, well lit waiting room provides comfortable couches that overlook a serene lake and provide internet access for patient convenience.

Cardiovascular Interventions is a paperless office with all electronic medical records and billing systems. Since our medical records are handled electronically our providers have access to them 24 hours a day, from any location. This allows for immediate access and transmission to emergency rooms, other physicians, and patients as needed

Our office is compliant with all national standards and has multiple levels of redundancies built into the software and hardware to virtually eliminate any technical failures or down time.

Our 10 modern examination rooms allow an efficient patient flow and management.

Our GE dual head nuclear camera allows provides high tech nuclear stress test evaluations.

In case of medical emergency, our office has full resuscitation facilities.

The ultrasound department performs a substantial amount of digital studies including echocardiograms (ECHO), arterial doppler studies, venous doppler studies, carotid doppler studies, and vascular evaluation.

Our pacemaker clinic has all recent advances to interrogate and reprogram almost any make of pacemakers, ICDs, biventricular pacemakers, and loop recorders.

Our clinic utilizes a digital Holter monitoring system as well as event recorders which monitor over extended periods of time to maximize arrhythmia detection and management.

The clinic renders a procedure room where venous ablation procedures, cardioversions, non-invasive stimulation studies (NIPS), and tilt table tests are carried out.

Our state certified blood laboratory does on site blood testing for the necessary cardiac patients. This includes: CBC (Complete Blood Count), BMP (Basic Metabolic Panel), Protime (PT, INR), cardiac enzymes (to rule out any heart attack), lipid panels, and BNP (B-type natriuretic peptide). The immediate availability of cardiac enzymes allows the physician to immediately rule out a heart attack. This valuable availability of tests avoids unnecessary hospitalization, enables accurate clinical decisions, and immediate changes as needed.

Although most patients are scheduled, we do have an open walk-in policy for patients who feel the need to be seen immediately. Once again, this allows better patient care, avoids treatment delays, reduces hospitalization and significantly reduces costs.

Our patient billing services work with Medicare and most major insurance companies. Since participation panels change, please check out the list of insurances we accept at For patients with no insurance, we can provide care at a low cost. Speak with our representatives and they will be happy to provide cost estimates and arrangements.

Our practice is a valuable teaching center for medical students from the University of Florida, University of Central Florida, Florida State University, Florida Hospital residents, physician assistant students, medical assistant students, as well as observerships.

All of our patients enjoy the free lectures from Galen Foundation which fosters healthy lifestyles and mind styles.

Feel free to browse our website for up to date information about cardiac health and prevention strategies!

Dr. Jamnadas is also a featured partner in Channel 6 News' Take 6 for Health series.

Visit the Channel 6 News website to view some of the videos here.

Feel free to browse our website for up to date information about cardiac health and prevention strategies!

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